So I’ve gone and got the forms. I have the pamphlet. I’ve been cruising, and other job sites and rentals etc.

I’ve told my landlord and my boss what my plans are. I’ve called out to a twenty-five year old friendship between two families, for a letter of ‘invitation’.

This going to England thing is starting to become more real for me.

I am excited, afraid, determined, resolved, slightly confused, and poised on a precipice, with a smile on my mouth and faith on my side.

:sigh: It’s almost a crazy thing to do. I’m taking off into a world I don’t think my concepts and understanding can yet comprehend, but I am ready. I am ready to roll.

All those who know me, and saying, “Go, go, go!” or “Come! Come! Come!”

My mother refuses to make any comment at all about it.

I am going anyway. I’ve been searching for grants, fellowships, scholarships to British schools and such. Using ten years of online researching to use, to find the things that can give me an ‘in’… a way in.

It is hopeful. It really looks hopeful.

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