Okay… here is the moment when I beg shamelessly. I have no compunction, I have become a believer in ‘asking for what you want’.

My 30th birthday is now a matter of weeks away, and we’re still planning this jaunt up Blanchisseuse, come Easter Weekend, to binge on SciFi movies and shit talk. From what I hear, everyone is really looking forward to the lime.

Me now, I know good enough there won’t be any presents this year unless I throw out a request in this blog. The people who are here in Trinidad, don’t really study me like that, or won’t; so more than coming and hanging out with me for my birthday, I really don’t expect much.

I never get birthday presents on the real. I haven’t really gotten them for years, but this year I want some! It’s as though most of my friends think I don’t care bout it, am to rebellious to give a shit about birthdays, but I love pressies! I love giving them and getting them.

Anyhoo…. The big day is on April 13th, and I would just be tickled pink if there were any people who hang about JS or the other non-JSers, who frequent my blog like family and friends, were sweet enough to tick stuff off of my official wish lists.

Please, please, please visit my Things I Want Wishlist or my Amazon Wishlist and indulge my blatant, shameless request: Please spoil me this birthday, if you don’t think I deserve it, you haven’t been reading this blog. Be nice to me, I’ve had a rough, rough five years, and I would like to be pampered this birthday instead of getting carried through scruffy like vagrant. I want this year to be different!

The Amazon Wish list has books and music, and the Things I Want Wish list has books, music, ‘toys’ and all kinds of other goodies for me. I know it’s too much to hope for another iPod, but some music and movies and books and welll **wicked grin** ‘toys’, might do much to improve my improving mood.

There’s things in there for all kinds of pocket sizes, champagne type pockets and mauby type pockets (break ass, broken to teef), so help a sister out! Love your Big Mami with pressies… give me something to blog fussily about… “My JS peeps does show I love, oui?!!”

Naturally, ever practical, I’m starting my begging early-like, so all who want to, are inclined to and are planning to shower me with pressies, have time to achieve their aims… *lol*

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday To Me!

P.S. I am also a big Winnie The Pooh fan…

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