1. I am an Orisa devotee. A devotee of Osun in particular.
  2. I have no middle name.
  3. My name begins with two consonants.
  4. My father was one of the soldiers who led an armed rebellion, against the government in Trinidad in 1970.
  5. I love the Indigo Girls.
  6. My mother is a career teacher.
  7. I learned to read when I was three and a half.
  8. I am a life long, self confessed book slut.
  9. I was born in Trinidad & Tobago, and the first home I lived in as a baby, but have no memory of, is Waterhole, Cocorite.
  10. I have had past life regressions.
  11. My dreams are prophetic.
  12. Although I live a mostly celibate life, I am a very sexual person.
  13. I talk to plants and trees.
  14. I am devoted to my family.
  15. I am a Tolkien fan… I would dress up as Galadriel and attend LOTR themed events, even though I’m five foot two and a little plump.
  16. I am a Guider, a former Girl Guide and Brownie.
  17. I opened the first sit down cybercafe in Barbados.
  18. I was reading University level history and sociology books by the age of ten.
  19. I played the violin for three years.
  20. I like small independent films, and have fallen in love with a few: The Lover, The Scent of Green Papaya, The Concubine, Flirting, Raise The Red Lantern….
  21. I can draw.
  22. The brother that is right after me, he and I share the same mother and father, are a twin, even though we were born fifteen months apart. We have a psychic connection, speak our own language and finish each other’s sentences.
  23. When I dream, I travel through space and time, and I remember the journeys when I wake up.
  24. I have always been a writer. I used to write serial stories and my friends at school would wait for each one to come out. I always got As and Bs
  25. My favourite TV Show has always been the Sesame Street of the 1970s and early 1980s. X Files and Star Trek Voyager are close seconds.
  26. I have been a journalist for twelve years.
  27. I was born with a full head of hair.
  28. I think the Reparations Movement is a step in the right direction, but fear that human nature will overwhelm the effort unless proper guidance from Ancestors (Egun) is sought and received. It is in their name, and their name alone this effort can be achieved. It is they who really suffered the worst of slavery.
  29. I am a burned iPod owner.
  30. I am a staunch Apple supporter.
  31. Babies and small children are attracted to me.
  32. I was a high priest in a former life.
  33. I am a nerd.
  34. I love football–what the Americans insist on calling soccer–but I only watch World Cup Football.
  35. I starred in a series of local ice cream commercials when I was eleven and twelve years old living in Barbados.
  36. I was born a white witch.
  37. I believe more is unseen in the world than seen. The supernatural and metaphysical exists, and to discount or ignore them is to deny a fundamental part of being human.
  38. I am learning to interpret dreams as part of my training as a counsellor.
  39. I am a graduate of The Combermere School.
  40. I am a code junkie.
  41. I collect elephants. My collection is growing too..
  42. I have four brothers and no sisters.
  43. I am in training to be a priestess.
  44. I lost my virginity standing up in Globe Cinema in Barbados.
  45. I am the daughter of revolutionaries.
  46. I am a Trekker
  47. I am card carrying, dues paying music whore.
  48. I have always been a little disdainful of the classroom experience, and always thought school was more than a little stupid.
  49. I’ve read The Lord Of The Rings, by JRR Tolkien 8 times.
  50. I got my first computer at age ten.
  51. I stink at Mathematics.
  52. My favourite subject has always been history, followed by English and Art.
  53. I am a middle child and an eldest child at the same time.
  54. I am a ‘wuk up artist’.
  55. I have been developing web sites for eight years.
  56. I am the daughter and sister of mystics.
  57. On the day I was brought home from the hospital, my father and the Village Drums of Freedom played drums from morning until night. I was held and passed around by the drummers, and over the drums as they were being played. That was my first day at home.
  58. I have a very potent form of anger, and I have had to work very hard to control it for fear of harming someone else.
  59. My name means ‘little light’ in Swahili.
  60. I wrote 150 articles in the eighteen months when I worked for the Trinidad Guardian between 1994-1996. (Blew my mind when I searched the archives….)
  61. I have made love until I passed out.
  62. I have seen stars pitch.
  63. I am a rape and child sexual abuse survivor.
  64. I was born on Easter Saturday.
  65. I grew a dimple at the age of 19.
  66. I have books scattered in three countries.
  67. I have slept and woken up to: Miles Davis, “Tutu”, Chico DeBarge, “Long Time No See”, Quincy Jones, “Back On The Block”, Jodeci, “Diary Of A Mad Band” (with only the first six tracks on repeat).
  68. I directed a school play when I was 14.
  69. I support gay marriages, gay acceptance and am a happy fag hag.
  70. I spent $2500 in books in one year.
  71. I am now on my seventh computer.
  72. I have blonde dreadlocks, brown eyes and a 40D bra size.
  73. I have swam with and petted stingrays.
  74. I wear a lot of white and yellow these days.
  75. I desperately wish someone would buy me a 40GB iPod for my 30th Birthday!
  76. I have a fetish for feet, but treat mine terribly. This will change! I swear!
  77. That glow, that people always assumes I have because I’ve just had great sex, is actually internal combustion.
  78. I really enjoyed Carnival 2004.
  79. I will live in Dominica one day. I will build a house that uses solar energy.
  80. I want to get a tattoo so bad.
  81. My favourite play is, “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.
  82. I think stupidity is a choice. Ignorance can be helped.
  83. I love Nina Simone. I wish I could have cooked some food for her brilliant, disdainful self.
  84. Chiek Anta Diop is an ideological and intellectual hero to me.
  85. I love my enemies.
  86. I want to pierce my eyebrow.
  87. I did radio and print advertising as a child.
  88. I was the Vice President of Marketing for my Junior Achievers company called, New Generation. (We were the only company to turn a profit that year. We payed out dividends to our shareholders.)
  89. I have edited two magazines for newspapers and one for Sunhead Publishing.
  90. I spoke on the panel, “Web Wise: If You Build It, Will They Come” at the 6th Annual Global Leaders Summit, held by the Business Womans Network, in Washington DC, in October, 2000.
  91. I have read almost every book written by Zecheria Sitchin, JRR Tolkien, Frank Herbert, Anne Rice, Alex Haley, Linda Goodman, Susan Johnson and Brian Herbert w/Kevin Anderson.
  92. I believe that the Universe is teeming with life and civilisations.
  93. I think sex is an act of the Divine, and should be treated as such.
  94. I think most modern music lacks in imagination, but those that do give me hope that creativity still has a place among the riff raff.
  95. I find sex between men to be erotic.
  96. I think the current structure of the world is faulty because it based on half truths, and the origins of our civilisations far too contested and the history of the planet purposely hidden. I do not participate in voting because I do not think it is really democracy. Nor do I believe that the people who seek to represent the people deserve the honour and privelage bestowed upon them, for they do not deserve the responsibility.
  97. I want to travel the world a few times before I die.
  98. I really, really, really want a baby.
  99. I want to skydive at least once, no matter how crazy I tell people I think it is.
  100. I want to live in Brazil for at least a year.

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