Caribbean writers of erotica are invited to submit their prose, creative essays and poems to Erotique Caribbean, an anthology now being collated.

Edited by Opal Palmer Adisa and Donna Weir-Soley, it is not a collection of pornography.

“There are frequent attempts to equate pornography and eroticism, two diametrically opposed uses of the sexual,” wrote the late Audre Lorde in a quote used by Adisa and Weir-Soley in their call for submissions. That equation has led to a division between the spiritual and the erotic, which is a false division, “reducing the spiritual to a world of flattened affect, a world of the ascetic who aspires to feel nothing.”

Regional pop culture stresses the sexual without the spiritual, in dancehall soca and calypso, Adisa and Weir-Soley write. “We make a distinction between erotic and pornographic, the latter being gratuitous. We seek works that explores the interplay between sexuality and spirituality, sexuality and nature, sexuality as liberation and claiming one’s own space.”

Writers must send their submissions, in English, by June 15. Submit no more than five poems; prose should be 20 pages or less. Include a separate title page with name, address, email address and phone number.

For information write Opal Palmer Adisa at Opalpro at or Donna Weir-Soley at weirsole at

Send two copies of your submissions with self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Dr Donna Weir-Soley

Department of English

Academic 1 350

Florida International University

3000 NE 151 Street

North Miami, Fl 33181.

So what? Do you guys think I should send in “Leaving Me”?

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