Carve the taker’s name and the words “GOOD BYE” on a black candle. Dress it with Uncrossing oil. At its base place a broken or unlinked length of fine chain (you can find a broken length of bead chain at the bottom of the Uncrossing Oil i make and sell, or just break a piece of jewelry chain). Light the candle and as it burns, have a good cry and say “good bye.” When the candle has burned about half-way, use its flame to set afire a photo or name-paper of the taker, then extinguish the candle in the ashes of the paper and throw the whole mess, broken chain and all, away at a crossroads in the dark of the night or bury it in a graveyard. Go home and bathe in astringent and pungent protective and mind-clearing herbs such as eucalyptus, walnut, bay, and the like (e.g. 13 Herb Bath) and get on with your life.

Hoodoo Tradition


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