Free associative web surfing, and in particular blogging, turns up both gems and turds. Some blogs are so vapid as to be stupefying, but then when I re-read my diaries from fourteen, sixteen, I am amazed at how vapid I was.

However, occasionally I find these gems to be engaging. I love the feistiness of the political rantings, the personal confessions, the stunning poetry.

I dig deep into these blogs. Maybe it’s because I am a journalist, and have been writing like this for more than ten years, but well written entries, no matter how much I disagree with the perspective conveyed, always move me.

In the ten months since I have started blogging, I have found so much to read, so much that interests me, that I can almost forgive the accidental stumblings on and over shit writings of someone with the vocabulary of an eight year old.

So let’s just say, I’ve given up on teenager’s blogs.

What is it about blogging I find so interesting?

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