If the blogosphere isn’t already crowded enough with the opinions of all and sundry, here is another kudo up for grabs.

Blogpimps, is both a blog review and an opportunity to vote for the blog you think is the most readable, stickiest, re-readable blog in the blogosphere.

Blogpimp Command, is a combination of the efforts begun by MrWolf‘s Journalpimp contest (now defunct), and Bloglife, an independent blog review.

The premise is simple: Who gives good blog? Blog so delicious and neuron sparkers, that they make you come back over and over again? We comb the blogosphere looking for such a blog, and we add them to a poll that users can vote on. The results of the poll determine who becomes the Pimp of the Week. The Pimp of the Month is decided from the winners of The Pimp of The Month, and The Pimp of The Year, well if you haven’t got the picture by now, you need a slap.

The winners of the various vote offs, get reviewed and whatever other nice things we can think of and add into this little experiment of ours to make and keep it interesting.

Since this is a combined effort, MrWolf and Sungoddess share duties on this labour of love, and your suggestions, comments and feedback are welcome.

Go do it… pimp some blog: Blog Pimp Command

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