Oh mi gawd!

Whey do me, oui?

See Big Mami, never in no fete nothing, your girl decide she feteing last night!

I went out yesterday morning and bought a pair of red pants that sticks on to my ass, a red top that lovingly cups my bountiful breasts, and red sneakers. SDA had bought my tickets, and the lime was on!

We went to Soca Monarch, but only long enough to see Denise “Saucy Wow” Belfon, Terry Seales, somebody I never heard of before, Shurwayne Winchester and meh bwai, Bunji Garlin perform. We left when Onika Bostik was performing and went down to the original lime, Pier One’s Cooler Fete.

Oh gawd! Ah behave bad… ah wine down Chaguaramas allyuh… ah teef wine left and right, wine on man and woman and had myself a BLAST!!

What is notable, is that I don’t fete. The last fete like this I went to was Insomnia back in 2000. I behave bad then too…. See, when I let go, I does leggo like a leggo beast! (lol)

I feel so different…. so alive. I went and had my first spiritual bath on Wednesday night, and the change is something palpable… olfactory even, because I smell sweet; have been smelling sweet. I feel as though something has lifted off of me. I don’t want to tell you all that happened. At least not yet… I’ve started to work on writing it, but this is a real story, a deep story, and the experience is still seeping into my consciousness.

My next bath is scheduled for next week, and I was told it gets better and better.

I feel so good to be young, to have friends I can lime with like that and I had a blast last night. Well this morning really. I got home at something like minutes to eight. Had been up for 24 hours straight, since I went straight to the fete(s) from work.

My knees are KILLING me!!! I am so not accustomed to that kind of ‘bad behaviour’! (lol)

All I can tell you is, I had a good time, and I let myself go and enjoyed being young and buss meh wining skills in de dance, allyuh!

Lawd Oi! Is only ‘Craziness’…

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