Do you feel like your really close friends are similar to yourself or do you have a variety of different friends? Has the behavior of one of your friends ever influenced stranger’s opinion of you whether it be positive or negative?

I’ve always been this kind of social loner, in the sense that I was never a hardcore member of any one clique.

I’ve always had good friends in all social groups, from all kinds of economic, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

I have also had a few very close friends over the years; one I have been friends with for more than 28 years, and Keffi, who was my best friend for about fifteen years. DivaGirl also didn’t start out as a friend, but has grown into one of my closest and dearest. My brother is also one of my best friends. Their personalities are so different from one another, one wonders how they all happen to be on the same planet, and in my life!

My friends have been people who are at all different stages of development, and I have respected their journeys along the way. Sometimes we share the same philosophical outlook, other times we are at loggerheads because of differences of opinion, or behaviour or whatever, but that happens regularly, and usually only with my brother. I find my real friends are mature enough to handle it if I question them, and they me. I like the differences between the people around me. I enjoy it! Viva la difference! I think if everyone was the same, I’d be bored shitless.

I don’t know if people have judged me because of my friends. I don’t really care what other people think like that, if I love you, I love you that’s just all there is to it for me. If someone felt they needed to judge me because of a friend’s behaviour, then I personally think they aren’t really people I want to have too much to do with. However, my friendships with some people have led to friendships with others, so that’s always a plus. As for their positive behaviour, effecting the way I am perceived, well you know, I think every little bit helps if it’s good, but it doesn’t matter to me if it doesn’t. 😀

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