Why can’t I escape Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears on the television? Although I must admit, although I don’t think Britney Spears is a particularly good singer, it’s a testament to her production values that “Toxic” is a catchy and insidious little tune. I dislike her persona so much, but I can’t hate music.

I was pondering this morning, after my morning coffee and chat with my neighbour, that dogs, cats, babies and trees love me. Surely someone like that is lucky! Blessed in some way? At least?

I get even the most serious and reluctant children and babies to smile. At work, all the employees children come and seek me out for a hug or a wave. My brother tells me that his step daughter likes me bad! All my god daughters ask for me.

In fact, I can’t remember if I ever blogged this. My second god daughter, Kyana, went to a school fair about a year ago. I was still living across the street from my lifelong friend Ezebaby, and Kyana called me on Sunday morning to ask to come over. She said she had something for me.

She came over, and brought me this present: One blister pack that contained a tube of the hottest pink lipstick you can imagine, and a matching bottle of nail polish; A little strip of plastic that had four hoops of varying sizes and several studs, also of varying sizes and shades, all as cosquelle as you can imagine. Now, I didn’t fake it, I was truly touched by the gesture. Eze said she absolutely insisted on getting them for me.

As for dogs and cats, I talk to almost all of them and especially cats. Trees, I love and love me…. I am an actual tree hugger, and have several tree-friends dotted around the few places I’ve been and lived.

Aren’t I a lucky person? So much love, all around me.

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