CURE:  Caucasians United for Reparations

I found this website for CURE: a group of white activists trying to convince the white community of the need for reparations.  I looked at their bios – a bunch of oldschool lefties and such trying to manifest that old nationalist demand that white liberals speak to and organize their own communities.

I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to maintain my cynical armor but I was touched.  Their sincerity was endearing.  This is what I posted on their dialogue page:

I am an African American activist who does not believe that reparations are an effective contemporary African American empowerment strategy.  So I think your contributions here are somewhat quixotic.  I would however like to express warm appreciation for the humanistic impulses underlying your efforts here.  Be well.  A luta continua.

Okay, so Im a closet humanist, so what.

One of my favourite bloggers Arthur Flowers, author of the amazing book Another Good Loving Blues wrote this in his latest blog entry.

I visted in the site, and I although I disagree with Arthur regarding reparations, I agree with him that these people seem honestly motivated.

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