I think our entire social, religious and political structures have been borrowed wholesale from our Ancestors and their relationships with ‘Gods’ and ‘Goddesses’.

While the genetic manipulation created us as a new hybrid race, our two planets, two races, are connected and entertwined at fundamental levels, beyond their genetic intervention. Someone suggested that what the Annunaki want is a symbiotic relationship with us; I think a symbiotic relationship has always existed. There has been too much cross-pollination for this not to be so.

What I gather from much of Sitchin’s writings is, that although there have been, and possibly still ongoing, cliques and factions among the Annunaki, there are those among them who have a spiritual understanding of that symbiotic relationship between us. I forget which book, it’s repeated more than once (Sitchin does that) Sitchin writes that there were those among the Annunaki, who after retreating to Earth orbit during the worst of the Deluge, cried bitterly for the death and near-destruction going on on Earth. So I believe that there is much heartfelt concern on their part for the human race, and probably a great deal of curiosity on their part to see how we have expanded far beyond their genetic manipulation of us; gone beyond our initial programming if you will.

I think also that there are factions among the Annunaki that do, and always have seen us as a tool. They use and continue to use us to achieve their own aims.

However, our connection to the Divine, does not begin with the Annunaki, nor does it end there. What I find interesting is how much of Earth’s religious life is based on the teachings of ‘mysterious beings from elsewhere in the Universe’. I believe the Judeo-Christian traditions have caught up of the Supreme Creator, and the elemental energies that operate within the Will of God, with the remnants of the religious adulation of the Annunaki.

However, I believe that many, many human beings do not full grasp their connection to the Universe (and maybe that too has it’s purpose) and as with the worship of Jesus, Mohammed, Budah, other illuminated beings etc has almost outstripped their ability to really work with the truly Divine energy of God in the Universe. Although I have not studied the Quran indepth, I believe that most illuminated beings speak of this Fundamental Universal Force, and end up being worshipped as Gods. It’s almost a missing of the point, because we hav a built in need to live a life of servitude to something, anything, that we must elevate someone, anyone to a divine state whether they are worthy or not.

The Annunaki themselves, are prone to in-fighting, jealousy, rape and murder, and our societies continue follow patterns that they set millennia ago. What is more, the very pattern of human social behaviour is patterned after theirs; to our salvation or to our detriment? However, even among the Annunaki, there are enlightened souls who shared knowledge and understanding and wisdom, and had compassion for human beings and must feel a heightened sense of responsibility towards us and for the actions of their people regarding us. I would also like to point out, that for all their manipulations, they are as subject as we are to the will of God, to the forces of their environment and are not exempt from cause and effect. So they are as caught up in the will of the Universal creator as we are. If you gather nothing from Sitchin’s writings, this is the most glaring observation to be made.


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