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All those great ideas that come to you on the first day of the new workweek may not mean much unless you can get them down on paper the minute you get to work. Lock yourself away if you must, because interruptions could definitely destroy your train of thought. Once you’ve captured them, your enthusiasm should do the rest. I suspect that once you get started, nothing will stand in your way. Financial stress could be affecting your current outlook on life. Bringing a personal budget under control may help, but taking a second job may be the only way to put you where you want to be. Sometimes a small shift can make a huge difference. Being thankful for what you do have instead of dwelling on what you don’t have should also help. Allowing yourself a little rest and recreation at midweek could really improve your mental outlook. Chances are that your need to succeed is greatly affecting your stress level. If you’ve been having difficulty sleeping too much stress is apt to be one of the reasons why. Exercising could be the key to keeping it at a manageable level.

In addition, placing less importance on your achievements and how you are perceived because of them might allow you to relax and enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life. When was the last time you snuck off on a work day to catch a matinee? Never. Right? Maybe it would do you good. It could be important to maintain that Aries spontaneity and playfulness or you could start taking yourself too seriously. For Aries in sales and marketing, business could be especially brisk toward the end of the workweek. Although customers are apt to be demanding, they should spend freely. If you are a single Aries who has been admiring someone from a distance, this might be the day to finally reveal your interest. You may be surprised to discover that they have suspected all along.

Transportation could be a problem toward the end of the workweek, especially if you commute, when unforeseen circumstances cause unexpected delays. Flexibility might be the watchword for commuters on Thursday and Friday. A minor spat with your mate or partner could escalate unnecessarily unless you deal with it now. Because your first reaction might be to downplay its importance, you may need to make a special effort to take it seriously. If you have children, you might be in for a real education when you attempt to help with their homework. Resisting an urge to splurge on a major item for your home may be wise until you can better afford it. Surrounding yourself with people might be the best way to enjoy your Saturday, especially if you have work to do. In addition to receiving their help, they may be able to point out something important that you might never have noticed.

A romantic affair could really take off if you have the courage to wear your heart on your sleeve. Committing your feelings to paper may be easier than trying to verbalize them face-to-face. Sunday should find you in an optimistic mood and in good spirits. This might be a good day to finally tackle a do-it-yourself project that may be a bit overdue. Just remember to borrow the tools you need. Buying new tools could really affect your budget, because you are likely to buy a few treats for yourself. Although it might do your self-esteem some good, your wallet is apt to take a direct hit. Joining a local group dedicated to improving your immediate environment could be very beneficial on several levels. Although you might be tempted Sunday night to get the jump on the upcoming workweek, you might be far better off to get to bed early.


Aries Horoscope for week of January 29, 2004

I suggest you deal creatively with budding tension between you and your allies. Maybe you could convince them to get down on the floor with you and tussle like puppies. Or how about organizing a game of paintball? Gather together in someone’s backyard and throw rocks at dishes, bottles, and old TVs. Sneak a boombox into an abandoned building and have a guerrilla dance party. Or stage a Lying Contest in which everyone competes to tell the most outrageous whoppers. Any one of these strategies will go far towards ensuring the success of joint ventures in the coming weeks.

Source: Freewill Astrology

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