Why is it, that people who walk past you when you’re smoking, feel the need to tell you that “Smoking is bad for your health,”, in the most covertly supercilious way?

What the fuck! My response these days tends to be, “Thank you so much! But it’s not like it’s written on the box is it?” Sometimes I say it sweetly, sometimes acidly based on my mood.

Yes I know that they say it causes cancer. I’d like to suggest to you that nobody knows what kills you, it’s a mystery. If you’re saying smoking does it, let me ask you, do you eat red meat? Pork? That’ll do it just as fast. Do you walk around downtown in the city, surrounded by carbon-monoxide fumes from cars? No one knows what causes cancer you daffy bastard, now get away from me. Go away, you’re bothering me! Yes I fucking know smoking is bad for my health, I’d be a fool not to. Can you comprehend that I do not give a fuck?

What I find barely interesting I suppose, is that they don’t think there’s anything not even slightly controlling or offensive about the comment.

Of course, I done suss the situation already; It’s about control. People always feel the need to control other people, and for the most part cannot imagine how everyone else doesn’t want to bend to their opinion. Why do people feel the need to butt into your personal life?

There are moments too, when I demand payment for the obtuseness of statement. “Okay! Now that you have an opinion about my life, you owe me twenty dollars.”

My logic is simple when I say it, “I have rent to pay, I have bills to pay. You have to pay for having an opinion about my life.”

When I’m with friends, and ‘The Comment Maker’ has passed on, I say, “After all, I don’t tell them that those shoes are ugly, or that tie doesn’t match that shirt, and/or that you know your lipstick is hideous.”

Thanks for the opinion, but keep moving… don’t stop here to enter into any discourse about it, or I demand payment for having to hear it.

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