February 6-8th, Iya Ayoola Omikunle (Ta’Shia Asanti), Yoruba/Priestess of Yemoja, Award-winning Writer, Journalist, Co-founder Karade Institute of Ifa & Comparative Studies & the Ifa Conference, and author of the acclaimed book, The Sacred Door, will be visiting Seattle, Washington.

On Saturday, Feb. 7th from 7-10pm, Forces of Nature will host a White Table Ceremony headed by Iya Ayoola to honor the ancestors and bring forth healing and empowering messages from the other side. Iya Ayoola is also available for divination and/or spiritual readings. Please note: there are a limited amount of slots available for readings and for the white table ceremony, please book early to reserve your space. For more information or to schedule an appointment call (206) 781-4222 or write to [email protected].

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