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Come and join Onipa Abusa at their Prayer Breakfast. Onipa-Abusia, Inc. will be having a Prayer Breakfast, Good Food, Great Fellowship..

Say a Prayer- ask for New Years blessings for yourself and family. Offer a gift to the Gods and Ancestors. Share a delicious Breakfast over stimulating, inspirational conversation. All are welcome.

This event takes place Sunday, Feb 1, 2004 11am – 1pm

Donation – $15

  Onipa Abusia, Inc

  92-15 172nd St. (beween Archer & Jamaica Avenues)

  Jamaica, NY

  “E” train to Parsons/Archer (last stop)

  then 54, 56 or 110 Bus to 171 St

  “F” train to 169 St. walk to Jamaica Ave

  Call 718/658-2600 or 718 525-4633 for info.

Onipa Abusia maintains and preserves the traditional culture and religion of the Akan people of Ghana, West Africa.

We present Akom, traditional Akan worship, every Sunday at 11am. We also perform all Akan rites – naming ceremonies, female puberty rites, wedding, and Ayie (funeral) rites.

For more info, call 718/658-2600 or 718 525-4633.

Visit our site – www.onipaabusia.orgM

Please contact us via email at  onipaabusia (at)


I wonder what female ‘puberty rites’ entails…


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