It is our pleasure to announce a new season of Yoruba language and
culture classes!

This season will include a beginners class as well as an advanced
beginners class. Classes are to begin in the first or second week of
February. Days will be Sundays and Mondays 7pm to 8:30pm.

The cost for the beginners class is $200 for an 8-week program and
$200 for the 8-week advanced beginners class. We are now taking early
registration. I’ld like your feedback as to which days are most
convenient for you all as well as ideas for some other workshops that
are needed to raise the level of knowledge in our community. Please
respond ASAP via e-mail, or phone.

Looking forward to another exciting and educational year.

Babalawo Aikulola

cell: 631-428-0593
hm: 212-873-9600, ask for #1603
[email protected]

This class is meant for devotees and initiates of the Orisa tradition
as well as those interested in Yoruba culture and spirituality.

The Yoruba language and culture class will be held at the Riverbank
State Park at 145th Street and Riverside Drive on the West Side. It
is easily accessible by taking the #1 train to 145th St. and walking
west. Beginning Monday November 3rd at 7pm we will be having our
beginners’ class.

– Topics to be covered will include:
– Greetings and prostrations for respect
– Alphabet and use of tones
– Nouns, verbs, pronouns
– Numbers and telling time
– A look into ijinle Yoruba, Yoruba language with deep or esoteric
meaning as well as dialectical languageand its use in ritual contexts
-Sentences construction and deciphering the Yoruba language preserved
in the diaspora

The instructor, Nathan Lugo (Aikulola Fawehinmi), a priest of Obatala
as well as a babalawo, was initiated and trained in Osogbo, Osun
State in Nigeria. He has lived in Yorubaland and makes annual return
pilgrimages. His Baba Oosa and Iyaloosa are Ojoawo Farounbi and
Adunola Ayoka of the Onto Compound respectively, both from Isale Oyo,
Oyo State. An active babalawo and Olobatala, Baba Aiku continues his
apprenticeship under the guidance of his Oluwo, Chief Fakayode
Faniyi, the Agbongbon Awo of Osogboland.

Space is limited so RSVP!!!

Taken from: Ifa-Orisa Wisdom

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