What is Generation Lion ?

Generation Lion is the critical under-35 generation that makes up more         than 70% of the population of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.


In 2004 look out for:

        The Generation Lion Jouvay Band

        The Generation Lion Magazine

        The Generation Lion Clothing line

        Generation Lion events and parties

        And the album The Princes Have Returned for Their Thrones

Lara, Ato, Dwight, Latas, Wendy, Dwarika, Ramnarine, Machel-all these are representatives of this new Trinbagonian generation that reflect a new manifestation of our energy at home and in the globe!

Generation Lion 2004 is a generational movement that will announce the coming of age of the under 35 generation-with character. It also will be a revolution in the way that mas is delivered to the population. Generation Lion is a multi-media phenomena embracing music, mas, magazines, parties and clothing.

This is my yardie Rubadiri Victor’s baby this Carnival. It’s a nice package and looks like fun. Rubadiri has offered me a group rate if I can rustle up a posse, so let me know who’s interested!

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