Writing for Olympia often gives new writers the confidence to try the bigger firms, often with great success. We purchase no exclusive rights to your work, just the right to publish at our discretion. Apart from this, you are completely free to market your work through other outlets as you wish.

Currently, we release several new erotic novels of 30,000 to 35,000 word length ONLY in the Bondage/S&M genre, with a strong bias toward male dom, every month. Sales are mainly direct to our customers by way of our mail order organisation, though we also supply a variety of other small outlets (mostly sex shops and adult book shops) both here and in Europe and marginally in the USA. We do not have an outlet for short stories of any kind.

Please be aware, that despite our small staffing level, we do achieve and maintain high standards of writing and story ideas. Our customers come back to us month after month; so if we do not consistently provide good-quality material, we will lose them.

We are also looking for books to put directly onto our website; this is a good way of placing a book which perhaps would not sell very well in hard copy but which might well earn additional money by being ordered as an e-text. Several books have been quite successfully marketed in this way as there are no print costs involved.

Payment is by royalty only there is no advance but the author does begin to earn royalties from the very first month as they are paid on a monthly basis. You get £1 per book sold through the mail order outlet and £1 per copy sold electronically.

Contact us at 36 Union Street, Ryde, IOW PO33 2LE or via our email address, [email protected]… or check out our website at www.olympia-press.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.

Josephine Scott
Olympia Press

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