“Brown Skin Books’ erotic fiction is written by women of colour specifically for the modern woman of colour. This means that the heroine is likely to be a strong dynamic, intelligent woman of colour, probably based in the UK, Europe, the US, Canada, the Caribbean, or Africa.

“Whether contemporary or historical, the plot, characters, and settings should be based in a reality that will be recognisable to women of colour. This does not rule out fantasy, which could form the basis of the novel/story, but that fantasy needs to have resonance with women of colour.

“The novels/stories will be sensual, sexy, and erotic, but not sleazy.


They will need to be driven by plot and character—i.e. they need to have a ‘good story’ and strong, intriguing characters. Formulaic, repetitive sex will soon become a turn-off. The plots, across the series, will represent the broadest possible range of lifestyles and viewpoints. The books may well have serious, thought-provoking, innovative, or controversial points to make about life, sex, sexuality, desire, etc., but they do not all have to be too serious. Humour could well be an important element. The aim of the series is to explore various aspects of female sexuality in a way that our readers will find interesting, possibly informative, but, at the same time, entertaining.

“Authors need to write about what they know—whether sex, settings, fantasies—or else do extensive research.

“Erotic fiction really does need to be fiction. We (publisher and writers) do not wish to run the risk of being sued. Changing names or adding ‘any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental’ would be no protection in a court of law.

“While we would hope not to censor our authors, we are not publishing hard-core porn and would not wish to publish anything that would degrade women, be illegal, or offend our readership. Generally, that means that sexual acts will be consensual, will not involve minors, violence, force, brutality, or any form of coercion, including drugs and alcohol.

“We are publishing erotic fiction that women of colour will enjoy  reading. So, we hope that our authors enjoy writing!

“There are many reasons why our authors might choose to write  anonymously, and with Brown Skin Books, you may publish under a pseudonym. We will respect confidentiality.”

6,000-10,000 words (short stories), pays £150-200; 75,000-90,000 words (novels), £1500, “plus a share of royalties on all subsidiary rights


“If you are interested in writing for Brown Skin Books, please send a synopsis (no more than one A4 sheet) of your novel, along with a sample chapter (around 10,000 words) or a few pages of your story (around 2000 words). You can also e-mail your submissions. We will acknowledge receipt of all submissions.” 020-7226-4789.

E-mail: [email protected]

URL: http://www.brownskinbooks.co.uk

Mailing Address: Brown Skin Books, PO Box 46504, London N1 3YA UK.

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