Me and fucking TSTT going to fall out!

Right now, as I type, my telephone is again disconnected. I made arrangements with them to pay off my phone bill, and they for whatever reason, will not stick to it! I am next door at my neighbour’s posting this!

It’s not just that, back at the end of November, I was forced to sign up for Internet access with them, and since then, Internet access is nightmare!

If I log on, it’s a miracle. If I stay on, it’s a miracle.

When I’m logging on, it takes sometimes as long as an hour to get a stable connection. Once stable, the connection is only reliable for anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour.

What the fuck am I paying them money for.

Not only that, but their attitude is like something else. I had to wait and all but stamp my feet to get them to do the line test on my telephone connection to see if it can take DSL, but I mean, it was nothing short of a tantrum, and they can’t wait two days for their fucking money?

I really, really hate the phone company. I know in America they bitch about the Baby Bells, but you haven’t seen fucked up telecommunication services like it exists in the Caribbean.

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