According to Dan Bashaw and Mike Gifford, this is the Top 10 Open Source Tools for eActivism:

1. ActionApps (On-line Magazine/Content Sharing)

2. PostNuke (Slash Forums/Portals)

3. Drupal (Blogs)

4. Active (News Posting)

5. phpList (eNewsletters)

6. phpBB (Forums)

7. WebCards (eCards/email2friends)

8. TWiki (Wiki/Group Documentation)

9. Back-End (eActions/ePetitions)

10. FPDF (eLeaflets/ePosters) (Dynamic PDF/Graphic Generation)

I think they should have included Mambo Open Source

However, it’s a very good list. I have had intimate experience with a good handful of the apps listed. Tribe Life has a phpbb installation at the heart of it, with Mambo running the the CMS.

The expanded article is included at Designing for Civil Society.

Well worth reading if you’re interested in this sort of thing.

Originally read at: Die Puny Humans

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