I have these moments where, I know I have dreamed them before.

I’ve done this since my childhood.

The thing is, they’re never these dramatic moments, they’re actually moments of deep satisfaction, but grounded in mundane activities. Watching a DVD; sitting under a tree in Boston eating strawberries and hanging out with squirrels; sitting in a restaurant with a good friend; a conversation about dreams. I’m doing something that never made sense for me after I dreamt it. I just remember the moments. In the dreams, they are vivid. I feel them, deep in me. They are always associated with pleasure and happiness.

Sometimes, years later, I will find myself in that moment, and I instantly know I have been there before. For a long time, especially in childhood, I would shake off the feeling, but as I get older, I have had to look at it in a different way.

My soul travels forwards, it travels backwards. Sometimes it moves through space, covers distance in this time. My dream state is what allows it.

I think it’s wonderful that our brains, bodies, spirits, souls allows us to explore in these ways. At least, I’m grateful I can.

It’s such an intimate journey into my internal landscape. I think it’s amazing that my life shows my these things, explains my motions before they happen. Opens my eyes in such a simple, yet completely fascinating way.

Long live navel gazing!

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