Cultural Predators: Malachi, Yusef and Fundamentalist Abomination

Next week Malachi York (aka Chief Black Thunderbird and other assorted titles) of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors is going on trial for raping underage girls at his compound in Georgia. They have been trying to claim the whitefolk are out to get them and some blackfolk are buying this ‘modern day lynching’ scenario.

(Man I am tired of that modern day lynching bit, notice how its so often used by folk who dont have any right to call on their blackness in the first place). The Nuwaubian Nation has all the Earmarks of a Cult and Malachi claims to be from another planet.

I will however reserve judgment, based on the innocent until proven guilty premise.

From Arthur Flower’s Blog Yusef Bey and Malachi, Debra and The End of Blackness

Now I always knew there was something totally ‘off’ about Malachi York.

We started a thread in Tribe Life about him and his movements, Is Dr. Malachi Z. York A Fraud? – Bring your evidence of this!, more than three years ago now. Now the Triber who started that thread, has since dropped out of the Nuwaupian movement, so there has been a lapse in this thread….

This is just one of the many reasons why I have problems with these men that seek out power. Power convinces them that it is alright to engage in backwardness. This is not spiritual growth and development, it is just regression to humanities animal past.

I agree with Arthur, these people should be locked up.

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