Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which the Sun transits during the first month of spring, from about March 21st to about April 20th. The symbol for this sign is The Ram; its polarity is positive; its element is fire; its quality is cardinal; its ruling planet is Mars; and on the physical anatomy Aries rules the head and face…

The Sun’s entrance into Aries marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the astrological year. Aries is essentially a sign of beginnings – of boundless creativity and pure energy. Aries people – who include not only those whose Sun-sign is Aries, but all in whose horoscopes the sign is emphasized – must be up and doing for the sheer joy of it, especially if the activity involves adventure, the exploration of unknown territory, or even danger.

Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries, bestows strength, courage, and a strong desire nature, which means both physical desire and the drive to conquer and possess material things. Mars also bestows a strong desire for power and fame. The incredible Aries energy in initiating new projects is a blend of the enthusiasm and self-confidence of fire and the outgoing activity of cardinality. The polar opposite of indecisive Libra, Aries people seldom have to look before they leap; they simply rush forward headlong – for it is their business to lead and inspire…

Aries babies are in such a hurry to advance that they begin walking at nine months! But walking won’t suffice for long; almost all Aries children prefer running. In school they are sometimes labeled “hyperactive” by their teachers, but their parents become accustomed to their fights with friends, their frequent accidents from which they quickly rebound, and their noisy resistance to bedtime. The overflowing energy of a growing Aries child finds a healthy outlet in competitive sports.

The Aries personality possesses the virtues of its defect: An unconscious ego – which may express itself as arrogance, aggression, and even violence – can co-exist with a childlike innocence, a total absence of guile, and a devout love of freedom. The essence of the sign Aries is the life force itself, the desire to be born and the will to survive, and the intensity of the Aries energy makes both the primitive and the evolved types virtually unstoppable. In contrast to legalistic, diplomatic Libra, Aries is a law unto itself – responsible only to its own unpredictable impulses…

The strong libidinal nature of Aries people makes them passionate lovers, but their desire for conquest and love of novelty can lead to a “Don Juan” or “femme fatale” syndrome that is ultimately unsatisfying. As the sign of individualism, Aries does not have a natural instinct for partnership. However, Aries people have a great love of children, and they are capable of forming stable relationships with those who respect their need for independence.

Their most compatible signs are: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius; Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces are neutral, while Cancer and Capricorn are likely to be difficult. With another Arian there would probably be competition for dominance; with Libra – Aries’ polar opposite and complementary sign – there is both attraction and tension, the outcome depending, as with all combinations, on other factors in the two horoscopes.

People born under the indomitable spirit of this cardinal fire sign are drawn to such diverse occupations as explorer, adventurer, military leader, athlete, actor, musician and artist. The influence of Mars, which rules metals and firearms, gives them a natural affinity for metallurgy, mechanics, law enforcement, and also surgery.

The color of Aries is red; its birthstone is the diamond; and its day of the week is Tuesday, which is ruled by Mars.


I am an Airies Baby. and I walked at eight months. My mother tells me this story: She says she was in the kitchen makings some shit or the other, and she heard this ‘plink, plink, plink’ sound. There is no one but me and her at home. She ignored it, until she heard it again. She left the kitchen and found that I had climbed out of my cradle, crawled across the room, climbed up a small shelf, and was hanging with one arm from the sound hole of my father’s guitar, and was using my other hand to pluck the strings. I was about five or six months old. Crawling already.


syciano, I knew you and me was vibesy!

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