Last night I dreamed about three men I know in real life: Buddy, a friend of more than ten years, a Bajan cricket player I went to school with and who taught me PE for a year, and another guy I had the worst crush on when I was at school, he’s now a police officer.

The thing is, everything was set in Trinidad. These are all Bajan guys.

Buddy, walked in the door, just as I was pointing out to the people I was working with, that the commercial for the bank was definitely his work. He didn’t know I was working there, and I didn’t know he had done the commercial.

The cricketeer was giving me his hand to help me out of his gold/bronze coloured car. As we stood in the street, outside the supermarket where I usually shop, he pulled me into his arms, and kissed my cheek. His hand dropped down to my ass, where he stroked me softly and our kisses got heated.

The police officer was confessing something, I just can’t remember what….

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