Oh dear! I behaved so bad in the cinema, only someone there with me could have understood.

My eyes feasted on the vision Peter Jackson has created in this third and final instalment of this impressive trilogy.

Of the three films, The Fellowship of the Ring and this one, prove to be the most faithful to Tolkien’s masterpiece and truly, as brilliant as Jackson’s work has been, it has been Tolkien’s phenomenal story brought to life the possesses the guts and glory in this film.

That said, everything was top notch. The acting, superlative, I expect the Acadamey to give Ian McKellan his dues this year, and some kind of nod to the other performances, not the least of which was Viggo Mortensen’s. Mortensen has always impressed me, especially because he chooses mostly small out of the way films, where his true beguiling talent can shine. In this case, the powerful interpretation in this film, provides a backdrop that can only enhance raw material. You start with gold, you will achieve gold.

The attack of Minas Tirith, will to my dying day, provide me with

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