Now before you start saying Big Mami don’t ever do anything nice for you, here I am to stop it from ever coming out of allyuh mouth.

I have been working on a piece of erotic fiction for about five years, paring and refining.

I finally believe it is done, but any and all feedback is welcome and encouraged. Now, before allyuh go off and go ‘yippee! Where’s the beef?’, this story is available for download from (Yes, it’s a download!) However, you must agree to my licence and my copyright restrictions before you can download the story. At this stage, I am releasing it under a Creative Commons licence. Please read the info in the link about distributing and using my work.

This story is more than 15, 000 words in length, and it seems, somewhat of a novella in progress. I may continue writing about these characters, and that this story in it’s final form may be even longer. Until then though, I enjoy comments more than anything… come back here to JS and leave a comment to this post! Your comments help me to shape the story and I take criticism well, even if I don’t agree with your assessment.  This story has been an ongoing labour of love. It’s the only story to ever get five years worth of editing and re-editing, and it has significantly changed shape along the way. You can also send me a private message about the piece if you like.

I am really looking forward to positive feedback!

So without further adieu:

Piquant Bass

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