The Good News:

Went to see the doctor yesterday, and there is no need for surgery! **YEAH!!!!** It seems that my body has managed to correct whatever it is that was wrong. The doctor is also really pleased with the amount of mobility I have in the arm–all those exercises through pain and discomfort–and has now moved on to a course of physiotherapy.

Today, the BIG BOSS, told me in front of a bunch of staff that my project was very productive and increasing the coffers. He told me people like what I do. I told him he had just made my whole weekend.

So I am in a marvellous mood!

I’ve started my first skin care regimen in something like fifteen years. I also went and got my hair done yesterday so my locks are luscious and shiny and getting very long.

I put on my sexy black pants and cool navy blue shirt, my cute new black shoes, did the face: foundation, concealer, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, perfect sexilicious mouth, blush…the works.

I was cute….Two men asked if they could follow me.


I have two awful zits!

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