I just followed this link from Die Puny Humans, that led to a news story that just blew my mind.

Colour Changing Electrochromic Fake Nails

Carlos Gonzalez from the Department of New Materials at CIDETEC has developed a cosmetic item called ‘electrochromic false nails’.

The electrochromic false nails can be applied over existing nails and can be made to change colour in situ using a purpose built digital control device.

The false nails are made up of several layers. Sandwiched between the layers are transparent conducting oxides, a number of electrochromic polymers of different compositions to effect various colours, ion storing polymers to maintain the colours, as well as an electrolyte which enables ionic interchange between the different polymers.

The control device has image capturing capabilities, which enable it to reproduce the colour of any given surface. It also has a screen for displaying selections before application and electrodes for interfacing with the artificial nails and affecting the colour change.

Can you believe this shit… this is straight out of the Fifth Element.

You know that scene where the secretary outside Zorg’s office is sitting there, lackadaisically touching a control device to her fingernails, and changing the colour.

Now there is a part of me, that is totally intrigued by this. My tech lust just turns me into a  lecher big time,

I am intrigued…. at the same time, totally disgusted that people can’t get drugs to the HIV infected in Africa, but they spent money to develop this.

God damn blast and fuck the rich!

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