Microsoft is shifting to Mac/IBM/Motorola developed PowerPCs to run their XBox gaming console.

This is a major boost for Apple technology!

It is also excellent news for gamers as who knows what new games might be developed as a result.

What kinds of video games do you like to play? One of my best friends loves first person shooter games. He just loves getting to explore a virtual world from the perspective of one character.

I have never been that great at playing first person shooter video games as my aim always seems to be just off. I wish there was something I could do about it.

That being said, my friend told me that you can now complete an aim training course to improve your in-game shooting skills. I might have to do some research into a company like who offer these kinds of aim training courses.

Ultimately, though, I am looking forward to the day when Apple starts to increase its market share. I see no reason why such a powerful operating system should languish in the shade of a far inferior one. With Microsoft making this kind of connective tissue between itself and Apple, this investment could very well be the push that Apple needs.

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