Maybe if the Wachowski brothers had combined Reloaded and Revolutions this movie could have been perfect.

What we have in this third and final movie, is flawed perfection. This is two hours of pure adrenaline and jaw dropping sequences. The story advances to it’s conclusion at a fairly fast clip, and the dialogue is short and lacking the intellectual posturing of the second film.

We have the storming of Zion and the final kick up with Smith as the stand out sequences in the film, punctuated by amazing shots, far more subtle special effects and set design that illustrates the desparation fo everyone in the story.

On the whole, less talk, more battle and fast switching scenes make for a thrilling experience, akin to watching Star Wars: Return of The Jedi for the first time.

I sat my mouth open for a good ten or fifteen minutes of the film!

As disappointing as Reloaded could be, this movie has a satisfying crunch.

It recaptures the awe of the first film, and offers a stellar narrative, executed in top notch, eye-popping visuals and despite it’s minor flaws, proves the genius of the Wachowski Brothers and company.

Lord of The Rings: Return of The King next!!

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