I want a car.

I want to drive!!

I want to be able to leave my house and go somewhere, where ever I want without having to contemplate another maxi, taxi, friend or anything other than my wish, desire or need to.

I want a fucking car.

Ultimately, I want my car to be an H2–I just love hummers–but in reality I’ll settle for any kind of running jeep.

I want something rustic, rattling and reliable.

A couple of nights ago I was driving a car in my dreams. I was driving it smoothly, in control, I was alone I am sure of it, but someone else was there a some point. (I’m recording this two days later, so understandably, things are hazy.)

That said, I was in control of the car, and I was going where I wanted to go. I remember it vividly, what’s more, music was playing and I was singing along.

That’s all I remember. I don’t think there was an accident, but I can’t remember if anything else happened on the road.

In my mother’s dream dictionary book, it says:

CAR: Our motivating drives–sex drive, ambition, sense of failure, whatever is driving us in life, desire to ‘get somewhere’ in life; independence; feelings about the particular car in dream. I was driving the car, so it says it’s about being independent; self confidence, being responsible for one’s own life direction; making decisions alone; feeling alone.

And talk about subconscious mind, that’s exactly how I feel right now.

I have so much more to say… but too much self analysis can be boring.

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