Good News

Ahhh…. there is good news floating around.

I got the nicest kind this morning, monilove23, stop worrying baby, all good things happen in their own time. You told me this once and remember what we talked about this morning, what is for you is for you and in it’s own timing. I know you know honey, I’m just doing my job and reminding you when you need it the most. NOW is your time! Stop worrying!

You have a fresh road ahead of you, a new road, a new life and a new evolution. Chin up and be happy because you are beautifully blessed. Be thankful, but mostly be happy.

This is part of God’s plan for us all.

I love you too, and I miss you perhaps more than anyone else other than Oyadele. You are both my truest sisters left on the planet. I cannot wait until I get back to Bim, you promise me some beach time by your place! Chile, I need some colour, I been yellow and pale for too long! I need to get back my honey brown-ness.


I think things are going to alright. Even in the worse of my depression over the last few months, I was never hopeless, just confused and trying to operate when confronted so consistently with the depth of other people’s delusions and certainly my own. My optimism never died though.

Again I say, love is the most powerful and motivating factor in our lives. It just has to unconditional, freely given and freely received.

Mama Osun is spreading her honey far and wide.

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