Foung this in the iwa-pele discussion on Yahoo Groups and loved it enough to share.

(iwa-pele is the Yoruba concept of “good and noble character”.)

Practicing the Principles in Our Relationships

12 Traditions for Relationships

by Maryel McKinley, Ph.D., C.A.D.C

1. Our Common welfare should come first. A healthily relationship depends

upon unity.

2. For our family purpose, there is but one authority – a loving God as

He/She expresses Him/Herself in our family conscience. Each partner is God’s

trusted servant. Neither governs.

3. The basic requirement for a good marriage or relationship is a mutual

desire to make it work.

4. Each partner should be autonomous except in matters affecting the other

partner, the family, or society as a whole.

5. Each marriage or relationship has but one primary purpose: to serve as an

expression of God’s love.

6. A partner ought not be overly supportive spiritually, emotionally and

physically to the marriage lest problems of ego gratification divert him or

her from the primary purpose.

7. Each partner ought to strive to be fully self supporting spiritually,

emotionally and physically.

8. The marriage or relationship should remain forever a free, giving

relationship, from one to the other.

9. A family or relationship should be pliable in its organization but our

group consciousness may appoint certain persons responsible for various


10. The family ought to not let outside issues and public controversy

destroy the relationship.

11. Each partner best conveys his or her beliefs and philosophies by

attraction rather than promotion.

12. Anonymity is a valuable asset for the marriage or relationship.

Selflessness is the spiritual foundation of our way of life as marriage

partners or friends, ever reminding us to place principles before


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