The Return of the Nerd

I am a geek. A bonafide, card-carrying, dues paying geek. People who know me, especially for a long time, will tell you exactly that.

I am conducting a mad, wild love affair with php, mySQL, HTML, CSS, XML. I have been excessively fondling Mambo OS and phpBB.  I have affairs with Fireworks and BBedit.

I was that extra bright, but very weird girl in school. The girl all the boys thought was pretty, but who had a reputation for volatility and brains and therefore, I was LABELLED as a nerd. These days, I am not in anyway ashamed to be a nerd or a geek. In the 21st century it’s supposed to mean rich, right? RIGHT? I hated it then, but it’s a badge of honour now.

Anyway, the more I work as a journalist, is the more I realise, that although journalism has it’s own inherent appeal, I am more a techie that anything else. I now have enough experience as an editor and an eleven-year history in the biz, that I know if I wanted to, I could become a very good features editor one day. Hell in a pinch, I could do it and be good at it tomorrow. I know I could handle it. Handle it well.

Except, code is singing a siren song to me these days. I’ve had seven going on eight years of twiddling around with it, and it’s never something I am bored by; never something that tires me.

I’ve done the all nighters, with nothing more than coffee, cigarettes and weed to keep me going. I have done as much as 36 hour stretches trying to finish things and work out problems.

I don’t think I’ve ever been compelled to spend 36 hours working on a story. Characters I write don’t rivet me in the way a mysterious execution error does.

My dream is that for the next five years, someone pays me more money than I am making now to write code for Sunhead exclusively. Or that Sunhead starts to make enough money that it can pay me enough money to sustain my life. I don’t even want to take project work from people outside of Sunhead. I just want to work for Sunhead.

I have reached such a level now, that my knowledge is reaching a kind of critical mass. For the last four weeks approximately, I have been working on Tribe Life in my spare time, and in my sleeping time, to upgrade and improve the functioning of the site.

It’s largely due to those efforts that I have been sooo tired lately, and those efforts have certainly benefited from my stress induced insomnia.

What is it about code that makes me so horny?

More than anything I guess it’s because it’s language and I am a lover of language.

It fascinates me that it’s the same letters and characters that we use to make english words and meanings, reorganised and structured so radically differently, that they are languages in and of themselves. What’s so amazing is that they all work together. I love, that with code, when I am tweaking things (it’s the web monkey way) I can make something out of nothing and that there is a working something at the end of it. Web code is my artform of choice, second only to actually writing the english language; and it’s a close second, let me tell you.

Being a nerd has it’s other perks too. I like that my glasses give me a brainy look. I like that my glasses don’t even seem to matter to men, they see a beautiful woman. I like that I intrigue them as soon as I start to talk, because they never seem to expect the ferocity of my intelligence or my ability to drop the science. (Always loved that phrase.)

I love to freak out geek boys…. they’re never expecting someone like me and I love the surprised look they get when they realise that I know what the fuck I’m on, and I know my tech cold. You can’t imagine the satisfaction when I hold my own in the convo and even top them regularly.

So, I am now coming out of the tail end of a massive code binge…. it was great, thanks for asking!

I learn so much in these periods, and I always come out feeling better… satisfied, like I have accomplished something.

As for Tribe, it’s alive but full of bugs, so I am now wading through, putting out fire after fire. What fun! I mean that seriously, not as a joke.

Do you think I am weird if I dream about code? Because I have and I do.

I know the other geeks know what I am talking about.

So my dream job is to write code and features edit for Sunhead. So this is what I am praying for.

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