So last night for the first time in a long time, I didn’t grapple with my insomnia.

I didn’t go to sleep early, but when I did I slept the whole night without tossing and turning; I woke up this morning feeling better than I had in months.

The truth is a powerful releaser!

I feel bad that mizzthongs/Trinilicious/Mystie is in such turmoil because of stupid Patrick and his irresponsible handling of this situation. I feel bad, because I have changed my mind about her in more ways than one, and I don’t think she deserved the way he treated her. But then, neither did I.

I still think she is immature, but less so than I originally thought, and immaturity alone is not enough to write a person off.

Besides, she was lied to, in this case worse than I was lied to and because I know what that means, I have had men do far worse to me…. so I know what she is going through. Why do men do this? Why do they tell you they love you, but ground everything in lies so they are comfortable?

All the same, I am now out of it. This is not my business, and would have remained ‘not my business’, if mizzthongs and toomii’s comments in her (mizzthongs) blog didn’t touch a raw nerve.

I feel better if only because I no longer have to support a liar’s mind fuck games.

I can forgive myself for being so foolish, I can forgive her for being so young and I can forgive him for being so weak. But now, I am deep in a ‘moving along’. I’ve been dealing with the lies alone for months, it’s time for dealing with the truth.

You don’t mind that I am talking a lot about truth. I am happy to finally rising to meet my commitment to it as a grounding principle.

Spirit will guide me the rest of the way.

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