Ah, babies are in the air.

Friday night, I was at work late. Not really late, I went there around three o’clock and worked on as many of my to do list items and advanced the workflow as much as possible.

I stepped downstairs for a ciggy and after a car parked right in front the steps chased me away with it’s blaring, ‘bawling-for-no-reason’  alarm, I found myself in the empty car park next to the the office building where I work.

Now what struck me most is that this is the first time I had been in the car park downstairs when it was quite so empty, and I mean it was totally empty.

Apart from that, there was four children of varying ages there with an older woman. There were two little boys, hardly more than babies, at least one and two and two little girls, one about ten and one about  twelve, maybe thirteen.

Of course, the oldest girl stood quite still and was the active ‘watcher’. The old lady, sat watching but obviously resting, while the other three children ran around and around. The older of the two little boys ran right up to me and jumped into my arms. He’s like two years old, and he gives me the tightest squeeze before running off and pulling the smallest little fellow to run and scream again.

A few seconds later, he ran up to me, this time he reached for a hug and he gave me like three kisses, one of them smack dab on my mouth. Then, off he went again.

He came back a third time and put another kiss smack dab on my mouth.

By this time, my cigarette finished, I said goodbye and I gave him a big hug that he returned and kissed me yet again.

My, my, what a moment!

It’s as though all the other people there faded and he and I had this wonderful little moment together.

Sweet, sweet like maraschino kisses.

Life is wonderful and it’s beauty lies in the unexpected moments of pure communion between souls. Love is wonderfully healing power. Use it, live it, work it, give it unconditionally.


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