Well, well, well…

I missed a good chunk, but the good news, Missy Elliot finally won her some VMAs!!!

Yeah! That is my SISTAGAL…. I would cook food for her anytime she wanted me to, HAHA!!! Work it was my SONG this year…

Now, I don’t know if people are going to hate me, but I love Justin Yimberlake. I think he is a cutie, and I love his music. I was glad he got some recognition last night. I hope he continues to make more records and videos!

I cheered so loud for him because I really enjoyed his videos and he was so humble and funny, I am glad my boy won…. and if he ever decided to give me something, I would put it on him, believe it. He is a cutie…

Okay, moving along…. did Beyoncé really come down out the ceiling upside down and wriggling like a fish on a hook? And is it me, or did she lipsync? Where was her microphone? JayZ came with a microphone, was the shit stuck to the inside of her cheek? In her ear-ring? What the fuck?! Up to now I ain’t see one.

Anyway, Sean Paul was there, why did his chant have to be dubbed? Why didn’t he perform? Not enough money? the VMA snubbing piss him off? Wha?

She changed clothes like three times….

These are things that make me go…. hmmmmmm!

I’m not hating, that’s my girl. Love the song, love the video, just a little confused!

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