Two things strike me as funny in this life… how a group of men sitting in a house, supposedly elected by the voice of the people, but I still, in 2003 do not have the right to decide what I do with my body.

It amazes me, that this ignorance continues.

I am, resposnsible in almost all other areas of my life… I can choose my hairstyle, I can choose where I live. I pay enormous taxes so they can tell me what to do with my body. I can choose all manner of things, buy the fundamental issues such as whether or not I want or am capable of being a mother at any given pint in time is not an my disposal.  

A set of pious men, sit somehwere and decide that as far as the law is concern, I have no right to choose these things for myself.

Isn’t it starange that the only reason–I suspect–that these laws remain on the books is to placate some fat, debauched old men who are far more interested in maintaining the status quo that the actual reality of the world.

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