I’ve decided to stop my obsessive navel gazing regarding Sweet Thing and write about other things that interest me. I also am probably not going to be writing a whole lot about my job and that shit either. I feel the need to be macro in my approach to this blog rather than micro.

I just do not want to express anything more about my feelings for him in this kind of forum anymore. I have kind of had to remain circumspect about many details and to be honest I miss writing in my real world journal where I can name names and not be diplomatic and really examine issues I have consciously not been dealing with here because too many of my real life friends and colleagues (and arch enemies it seems) travel through here.

So be prepared….

He may call, we may hook up, but I am not writing about it here anymore.

I don’t think I can say anything else interesting about it all anyway.

I want to be open with myself and I need to get in touch with those things in absence of the probing eye.

Right now I have too many intellectual pursuits going down for me to be just whitling away over a man. I think my real world journal is thirsty for some real confessional type shit.

That said, prepare for a radical shift in focus around here.

That’s me, honey, famous for 180 degree turns.

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