I went up to the house tonight and paid my deposit, and collected my keys. When the landlord put the keys in my hand, my skin broke out into goose flesh and I shivered!!!

Later, when my sister and I were walking out to leave, we were chatting with the landlord and you know the meaning of moving out was part of the conversation and it just kind of overwhelmed me, I started to cry. I actually burst into tears. It was a middling shower though… not a real proper cry, and it was a pure happiness kind of thing but I was really moved by the physical act of writing the cheque (that there is no way in hell it will bounce) and signing the lease and receiving the keys. I am an independent woman!!

HA! I laugh at turmoil and heartbreak… I am woman! Hear I and I roar!

And Baba and Mama help me, I am free!

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