Keifel called me at almost the crack of dawn to tell me he couldn’t sleep, and I could identify because neither could I. Then I got two or three phonecalls from friends who said the same thing that they were totally wired by going to see it.

I went at 11.30am at the Gobe Cinema at Green Corner with my brother, Keifel and several of our compatriots. I think it was something like fifteen or sixteen of us there. As soon as it was over, I rushed down to Movietowne and saw it again 2.30pm (I missed the first ten or fifteen minutes of the movie.)

I think that this new movie did much to advance the story, and of course, the wide eyed amazement with which I saw the first movie is gone; however, I was still impressed with the piece of storytelling that the W Bros., have produced with Joel Silver.

I have heard so much naysaying and crying down of this new Reloaded movie, but you know, I remember how much shit they said about  the first movie. I enjoyed that movie. It was hot.

It had flaws, but none that overwhelmed either the story (mish mashed as it was) or the action. I was impressed.

I wished there had been more Jada kicking ass, but I like that in this world many of the most powerful people, and so many of them are Africans. I like that there is a future that includes all kinds of people in significant numbers.

Alright, couldn’t sleep last night, so I am definitely hitting the sheets tonight.

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