Somewhere, halfway down the road of my own making, I realise I don’t want to be weak.

I consistently choose to be strong because that is who I am.

What kind of sacrifice can I make so my strength can grow, so I can help others?

The truth is about me, as much as I fucking hate that I think my own nobility and dignity can sometimes feel like character flaws, I do the right thing as much as I can. When I don’t it’s usually not through offensiveness, it’s through defensiveness.

I’m not the type of person that goes out of my way to be rude. No matter what my personal emotional state is, I am never rude to people.

I don’t lie to cover my ass, I rarely take my frustrations out on other people, and I don’t break and run at the first sign of trouble.

I know I am brave, I’ve been practicing it since I first looked up the word.

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