I guess at some point one has to withdraw….. while on yard, my boy keifel (click the link) said that once, and it has kinda always stayed with me.

To let go of bad situations, pain, hurt, insecurities and frustrations is the only way to really be free of anything.

I kinda realise how hard his position can be, he’s smack dab in the middle of so much confusion with the people in his life. I like him a great deal, and wish I wasn’t a part of that, but I am on dual levels, multiple levels.

As for me, I eschew drama. I am just not about it. We all know it’s unavoidable at times, but I for one have grown so tired of the energy drain, that right now my only road to salvation is retreat from all fronts.

I wonder if this is how defeat is measured. Somehow I think not. I think of it as self-preservation rather.

Poor keifel, to love everyone and be torn between sides… I don’t want to be a part of any kind of difficulty, or be part of forcing anyone to choose, at least in none of the situations I know he’s caught in the middle of.

So again I reiterate…. I withdraw on all fronts, for the good of the tribe.

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