About The Goddess ☥ Room

This blog began its life as a newspaper column, under the same name, published in The Wire Newspaper, Trinidad & Tobago, between 2002 and 2003.

When the Wire folded, and my column space became subsumed in the move, I actually went into a devilish bout of writer’s block. It wasn’t until Keefs told me about journalspace (that was), and I registered for and created an electronic version of the goddess room that I began to write again.

For me the major difference was that this was a space I controlled, and I wasn’t subject to kinds of controls that being a journalist in a corporate newspaper environment is apt to do.

I was free to say anything I liked, and not care about much more than making sure the writing flowed and the post was of interest or value to the people who read, but more importantly, that they were of value to me. I express my deepest fears, my triumphs, my stresses, disappointments and my considered opinion here. You’re getting a lot of me here at my best and my worst.

This is both a personal and public space. Personal in that, if you have the courage to wade through the few thousand posts I’ve generated in the last 16 years of writing this column/blog, you will find both deeply personal writings, as well as scores of resources and links, as well as just weird stuff I like and am into, as well as recommendations and a ton of other spiritual and magical commentary.

the goddess room, in it’s now sixteen year existence, has gone from punchy 500 and 600 pieces in confined bounding boxes in print, to an often wild and furry, soft and salty sweet, sword chop, record and repository of my life, observations and experiences.

It has also grown to include a facebook page (currently at more than 8K followers), and keffigal.com which is where I design ileke idi (waistbeads) as part of the work I’ve been doing with the goddess room this last decade and a half.

It has, just as importantly expanded what was a secret place… a place within this blog where only a password allowed you to read, into a secret community of women collected around intersectionality, wellness, abuse survivors, and a wide range of gender based issues. It is a women’s only safe space that I hope will one day give birth to physical safe spaces for women.

Journalspace.com–a site I was both an active part of the community around the blogs, but I also later provided tech support, templates and other miscellaneous help to the user base–died in 2009. I had registered a handful of domains related to me and this blog, and so as a code monkey, I launched into the task of migrating what was then six years of posts into a mad, cobbled together version of Joomla & WordPress made by corePHP.

It was not fun.

Late in 2011 I became tired of Joomla’s quirks and decided to migrate to WordPress fully. I’m currently running WordPress 4+ on this site and I’m quite glad… I have been loving Wordpress since the BETA releases, but embraced it fully as my preferred CMS in 2009, and still consider it to be the most flexible of content management systems.

The goddess room is still a column at heart, but it’s a full, robust site that is the central point for my online presence. Almost everything empties into this place. I’ve created a safe space place for my big mouth to run wild if I choose, but also for me to disseminate information I think is worthy, nerd out, geek out. It’s not ‘one type’ of content blog. Don’t expect that here. Expect a journey.

In a nutshell, that’s what you can find here: A writer and journalist, writing personally or reporting on the things she cares about. Unapologetically.



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